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We took the time over the past 5 days to get the golf course prepared for her long winter nap under the snow and ice that now frequent our local climate.

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Last Friday all pieces were staged to allow a smooth application of the winter protection prior to the first blanket of snow, ice, sleet, rain, who knows something will arrive.  That challenge is why we go through such extensive measures to protect the short grass during the 180 days of the unknown.

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Covers are in place to jump start the growing season in the spring.  Material is set on top of the grow covers to support the suppression from the snow and ice accumulation and allow us to provide fresh air.

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Vent tubing allows us to move air under the covers when it becomes favorable to apply. Impermeable covers are set, to keep the rain-snow melt from becoming ice directly on the grass.  Sand bags keep those covers from blowing away when the wind has hurricane force which we all know is possible after last year.


As a final step, covers are sealed to the ground on the slopes around the greens to prevent rain or snow melt to run under the covers.

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All of these points come from sound reasoning and observations of trying to grow the best short grass we can.  We have found that having to start over is the not feasible, so we now, do what we can to help fend off the elements of the Southcentral Alaska Winter.

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